Algorithm & programming part I

Hi, guys….

This is my first post since a year ago , I become member of wordpress. But, in this occasion, i’d like to share with you about anything not only about knowledge ,but also about anything that i’ve got from my study

Ok, now i’m gonna tell you about algorithm. Actually algorithm is a sequence commands of program. Algorithm is not only can be applied in Programming but also, it can be applied in our daily life. For example :Algoritm for making fried Tempe. 1st prepare the tempe, 2nd prepare the spicy, 3rd prepare equipments, 4th fry tempe , 5th service on plate. Algorithm can be describe in 3 ways. 1st by using descriptive explanation, 2nd by using flowchart, 3rd by using pseudocode (programming language). In the example above I use descriptive explanation.

Algorithm is a basic item for a programmer, if you want to be a great programmer, you must be the expert in algorithm, if you have already done it, you will be able and easy to move to another programming language(Syntax). It doesn’t matter what kind of programming language if you have master it. Anyway, before I tell you so many thing about programming, i’m gonna tell you first about program, programming and programmer. Program is sequence of command that is made by human to handle problematics in the world and solve it in computer. Programming is an activity to make program. Programmer is somebody who make program.

In this case , i’m gonna use pascal and C language programming to describe every part of my explanation andI use linux operating system to compile programs. You can use tpw(turbo pascal for windows) and C++ to compile programs in windows. It depens on you, which one do you want to choose. So, before we learn about that, we must know about pascal and C first.

Pascal and C is the 3rd generation of language programming. They both are include in high level language programming. It means that both of them mostly use same language like us (means : English). Both of them are CLI (command Line Interface) language programming. It means that both of them only use typed command. There is no graphic (IDE) when creating, moreover when running. So that , I warn you before you learn visual programming , you have to learn about command line programming first. Because it is main basic. And , don’t be bored when you face so many codes inside a program. That is our environment.

Pascal and C have same parts of their main syntax. 1st is header, 2nd declaration, 3rd main codes.

Header contains of library for syntax. Example :pascal → uses crt

C → #include <stdio.h>

Both of them have same meaning for input and output of a program.

Declaration contains of constants, variables, etc.

Main codes contain of your commands in program to solve a problematics.

Below is some diffences in declaring between pascal and C in type of variable :

Type Pascal C
Integer Integer int
string string char[]
Real Real
Float Float Float
Double Double Double

Well, I think it’s enough for our 1st sharing. Bye………..


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