Creating Web Browser by using Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition

Nowadays, there is an issue that some web browsers work slowly on low bandwidth , moreover in low specification computer. Therefore, there are so many new web browsers which is created to fulfill that requirements. For example chromium web browser which is created by google team. But, sometimes it doesn’t satisfy the user. So that, I’m gonna tell you how to make your own web browser which is faster than the other web browser.

Below is the way :

1.  Create new project














2.  In order to make the window of your program became larger you can pull main window of your program (streching)

    3.  Prepare the appearance and items that is needed :



    Text          : Address




    Name       : Txtaddress


    Web browser


    Name       : Browser




      Name       : btngo

      text           :Go


      Put all of them into main window, Such as this appearance

      Double click into btngo, then type this source code :

      Public Class Form1
      Private Sub btngo_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btngo.Click
      End Sub
      End Class

      Now, let’s run our 1st program you can press F5 or debug -> start debuggin

      In text box input the url that you want to browse , make sure your internet connection is connected, unless you can try using localhost in browser (by using local web server)

      Here is example when the web browser is connected


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