Flood In Darul Asmail Husna Boarding School

This morning, an error occured in my boarding school. Exactly, it’s big Flood . Alhamdulillah , i said thank’s to Allah The Almighty, because the flood runs well, without harm anything there. Actually water is a source of life in the earth. Without water, our life won’t run well. On the other hand, if the amount of water is out of the edge, it causes so much trouble for us. At 1 o’ clock there was a hard rain in Telang village, the rain runs so long time until in the morning. Then at 6 o’ clock, the amount of water around my boarding school is out of the edge. So that, in a few minutes later, it became a huge flow. The Flood flows from a large rice field behind my boarding school. Some of my friends are getting busy to repair and packing their stuff and the others are reading the holy quran in mosque. All of motor cycle in garage are moved into a house in front of my boarding school. Except mine, because i can’t move it. I afraid if my motor cycle won’t work properly after it moved a flood. So that, i just waiting until  9 o’ clock, because i must go to campus. I went to campus with my friend, i didn’t use my own motor cycle. I guess that the flood will take off three days later. But, i hope this evening, after i finish my class, the flood has been taken off.


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