A week ago, exactly at Nov 12th – 13th EECOM went to Malang city to fight facing EJVED (East Java Varsities English Debating). Without any kind of preparation, we just directly went there. Actually a month before the competition was begun, We had discuss about it. But , because EECOM has 2 Big events (International talk show & training for new members)which is attented at the same month So, our we just focus on that events and ignoring the debate competition. In every meeting, We’d like to do some training , but the situation didn’t support us moreover, we were having middle test at that time. Huch…..That was really so busy time for me. No time to break.

After those 2 big events attended, we concerned on debate competition again. By doing only twice training before the departure. At the 1st training nobody known what was the motion about we just did what we could do. At the 2nd training, we had learned a little bit of the motion for debate competition so that we could do the training well. In the 2nd training our coach decided who was elected to be debaters and an adjudicator. Finally the debaters were : Me, faiz and Lauren . For the adjudicator was putri. We were as the delegation from ENGINEERING FACULTY generally and EECOM especially had a duty at least we had to be a winner in a chamber of pre- eliminary round.

In malang, We did as best as what we could do . Finally we won in 1st and 4th round. But we lose in 2nd and 3rd round. Even with a little bit dissapointed in my heart, we promise for next year we have to be the winner.

Here is our photos :


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