NUEDC 2010


NUEDC (National Universities English Debate) 2011 is an annual event which is attended by Dikti. At the time NUEDC is held in UNY (Yogyakarta). This event is attended to filter Indonesian university students to face WUDC (World university Debating Championship).There are several students from Indonesia who has become great debater in the World level.

For me, This is the first time experience to face the biggest event like this . I was so surprised, because all of this is out of my plan. NUEDC is really pleasure also dizzy event. Everything that was happened was unpredictable. But, at the time I was not debater , I’ m an adjudicator. I must hear every debaters in front of me. I went there with two another debaters, they are my friends in my university and two lectures from english literature major.

This is one of my picture when i was there

Behind that’s all, I was so grateful. I got so many experience. I hope in the next year I can be the winner in this event and I can bring Indonesia to be the champion.


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