Beswan Djarum….Very Exciting……Out of My Guess

I was really so surprised when comitee  of Beswan Djarum 2011 called me . They told me that i was accepted to join the 2nd test. I was wondering , how do i get there ? . I actually didn’t have enough money to get there. I finally decide to borrow my friend . Fortunately,  there is somebody lend me some. With happy face, i prepare for everything. Until saturday , i came to “gedung wanita” in kalibokor surabaya. That was long journey, cause i didn’t know the way how to get there. But, alhamdulillah i came on time . And, i get so much experiences over there.

3 days After the 2nd test, i got call again from comitee. They said that i could join again for the final test. I came again with more confidence even though my motor cycle must be broken because hard road in “Suramadu Bridge”. Inside my deepest heart said “I have to win this one, I am different and I am The Best One (Beswan)”. In the last test (interview), i show them all my best performance. I hope i’ll get chance to be one of them. Amien…


One thought on “Beswan Djarum….Very Exciting……Out of My Guess

  1. tamam 12/05/2011 at 8:29 am Reply

    tetep semangat tuk menjadi cerminan bagi adik tingkattan sampyand mz……
    good luck

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