Tim AR UTM got victory on LKTM

Some days ago, we propose a proposal for LKTM (Lomba Karya Tulis Ilmiah). In this proposal, we actually don’t consider what will we present inside it. But, before that. i made an research about “Augmented Reality” . This is actually new discovery. Augmented Reality recently developed in Japan by some experts. Suddenly, in my head there was an idea to write it in my proposal. I was still wondering, if i just write down something like that, i would not be a winner, i have to make something new. I remember when i was a kid. i used to watch “wayang” in my village. But now, it doesn’t appear any more. then, i try to combine both of them “wayang” and “Augmented Reality” and write down into my proposal.

Alhamdulillah, give thanks to Allah. 2 days after, i got message and call from the committee that my proposal was accepted. Then in campus i consult to my lecture. I found the weakness of my proposal and the strength of it. So, i decided to repair it later in my presentation.

The next day, i did presentation. I was in 5th queue. Finally, in when my time after presentation, i show little bit of my prototype. Alhamdulillah again, the jugde interested in my topic. Then they gave me so much question about that. Fortunately i could answer all of them.

At 3 o’clock am. i was annouced as the winner. I got a cup, some money and absolutely, satisfaction of Intelligence.Once again , Alhamdulillah. give thanks to Allah.


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