Getting Started Developing Graphic Computer Using Java in Netbeans (JOGL)


I recently got some tasks from lecturer to create some shapes in 2 Dimension form using OpenGL. I was wondering why must OpenGL. Why not using Blender or 3Ds Max. That software has already prepare so many tools for making object weather in 2D or 3D object. So, i decided to ask her , she said that “if you use OpenGl, you won’t know , how 3D software work”. So, i take conclusion, that my lecturer want us to know how to create an object from math calculation into an object. That is something complicated. More over, if we must make the object move (animation).












By searching some articles on Internet, i finally decided to use my favorite programming language “java“. That’s something awesome. I have to create each items by code per code. Okay, if you’d like to use NetBeans IDE, you must download the plugin JOGL (Java Bindings for Open GL) here. After that, just install it into your NetBeans IDE.

  1. Start NetBeans IDE
  2. Tool –> Plugins –>go to tab Downloaded –> add Plugins…
  3. Search and block all files *.nbm JOGL after you extract it from *.zip –> Ok
  4. Create a New Project  –> File -> new Project. You will find some new projects form (JOGL Application default, Panel and Canvas).
  5. You will see the tree of program like this
  6. Just Compile and Run The program
  7. Congratulations, you have already to create a new 2D Object Using java in NetBeans

for the next post, i’d like to show you how to create various type of 2D form. Bye

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