Getting Started Learning Data Warehouse

In my university (trunojoyo) Data Warehouse is one of choice subject for computer sains, if we learn about data warehouse, first of all, you need to know about the basic of Database and everything about it. i really confused when first time learning about data warehouse it self. Basically the meaning of data warehouse is a collection of data from many kinds of sources that is used to be analyzed and getting decision from that analyzes. For example, a company which has several branches in some places. The manager wants to get the result of transactional process quickly and making good decision for the future of the company. So, the data of transactional process is a kind of history data that is collected about 3 until 5 years in the past. By this kind of analyze the manager is able to get information quickly and correctly without typing query into database before.

Basically here is the process of data warehouse :

OLTP (collection of database)  –> Data Staging /ETL (Extraction – transformation – loading) –> OLAP (analize data warehouse).

Alright, i will explain  one by one the whole process. first, OLTP (OnLine Transactional Processing) means collection of several data from a company. this is not a common data but, this is transactional data that is always increase everyday/ every times.

Next process is Data Staging. It means process to bring OLTP into Data Warehouse. This proces contains of Extraction, transformation and Loading. Extraction is process to extract database into used tools. Transformation means process to transform data that is different from several database in order to be same. And Loading means process to pick database into data warehouse. In ETL process we can use many kinds of avaible tools.

Last Process is  Analyze process. In this step we need to use OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) tools to do. In this step we can get the result of data warehouse and what do we want on it.

That’s all a little bit about Data Warehouse. If you would like to learn more, you can see the following links

  6. and many more….


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