Refreshing Management at Bromo Mountain

Several days ago, i went to Bromo just for refreshing management. Refreshing management means that the one way to refresh an organization after worked in 1 year. Yes, that’s it. My beloved organization is EECOM (Engineering English Community). At the time we had only 5 days to prepare our touring to Bromo. Just because great cooperation in my Organization, we could go there. I was so happy cause it was the first time for me to go there even though my house was near mountain.

After so many preparation at night, we went to campus to gather before starting touring and praying together for safety.  Yes, it’s time to go. I take my own chair and i said to the others this is “private only” cause i didn’t want to be disturbed by anyone at the trip.

By bringing two packs of cigarettes and several snacks it was enough for me as long as two days in the Cold Bromo Mountain. Hmmm. As long as 3 hours of trip, finally we arrived at slope of  Bromo, it was already very – very cold. More over, at the time was raining. That’s really so scary. Not only cold air but also the road which was winding and steep. Actually if the air was cold i had to do number one but i hold it on,,,, cause i was shame to the girls inside bus.

Finally, we arrive at our villa exactly at Wonokitri village it’s about 6 miles from Penanjakan. Even though there was hard rain, we keep enjoy it. Inside the villa, some of my friends who was native from Madura, they directly feel sick, cause the weather is so different. when they were at Madura it is so hot, on the other case now they were in Bromo. That’s an extreme weather. We did some activities to make our self enjoy each other and not feeling cold such as playing UNO card, Wathing TV, Cooking food, Joking each other and any other fun activity. I really enjoy the moment.

In the night i take a walk through people’s village. i saw there was a monument that is written as the native hero from Bromo. I also got information that Tengger tribe was the ancestor of Bali tribe. Fortunately i could capture the picture of the monument. It could be a gift from Bromo.

Actually we decided to go to Penanjakan By take a walk but, because of the unsupported condition, we decide to use 2 pick up Van to reach Penanjakan. At 2 o’ clock AM, we wake up to prepare next touring in Penanjakan and  i don’t forget to bring the camera cause people said that there will be sun rise from that place not only that, we could see land of sea and another mountain. Hmmm…, that’s really exciting. In 2 o’ clock AM the weather is cold enough for me. So that i had to use jacket and some other stuff to keep my body warm. First car has leaved the villa and also the second car. we really so happy and afraid at the time. hahahaha 🙂

We stop at slope of Penanjakan, and continue the trip by take a walk. Until in Penanjakan, i saw there were hundreds people. all of them are waiting for the nice scenery even though they had to wait for long time. And i also saw there were several foreign people such as from Thailand, France, Saudi Arabia, and etc.

Oke,  it’ s the time sun rice is coming, take your camera and right capture nice scenery that you get. I got several nice moments before and after the sun rise. And also i take picture with foreign people with nice scenery background really unforgettable moment.

After we fell enough taking picture at Penanjakan, we continue the trip to go to Sea of Land and top of Bromo mountain.

In Sea of Land, there were so many horse for rent if we would like to go to the top of mountain without feel tired. But all of us climb i mean walk to Bromo mountain by foot. We were so tired cause the road is so long maybe it’s about 5 miles not only that the way is steep. When i was at home if i sweat it felt so hot, but here i felt my sweat is very – very cold. huft , very long distance and need so much energy.

And yeah, i reach the top of mountain. Here i could see the crater of mountain. There was a hole look like a lake of water which is usually as hot magma. But, fortunatelly Bromo mountain was not active again. So, it’ s safe. After taking some picture, i wait my friends who will come after me. And, the comer is a girl. Wow…, she’s really amazing girl and I got a picture with her.

To try new challenge, i go down to the bottom without through the ladder. So, i run through the cliff of the mountain, climb again and run down again till i reach the car again. Huuuh. I really so tired at the time.

After that we came back to villa and went home again to beloved Madura.

Bromo, i’ ll see u again in the next time


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