It’s Time To Move

Wow, this is the 6th semester for me. I am still thinking that now i am still like a fresh man. If i check out how old am i, now i am almost 22 years old. That’s pretty enough moment to get married. but, here i still hold on my self and i believe that it’s better to find out the knowledge first and prepare everything as good as possible for something like that.

Recently, i’ve just finished my working internship at Indosat and there are so many things that i’ve got from there even though it is very hard to do it. I already came back from Pamekasan to continue my study in Bangkalan. When i was going to take the subject, i look at in this semester, almost all of the subject is oriented to web. And, not only that, the offered practice in Engineering faculty was oriented in web. This is really hard to do and learning something new. But, i do believe that even though it is so hard to begin , it will be so easy to end.And i do believe that the great effort will give the great result.

Programming platform is a choice but, Programming language is a destiny. So, this is the time to try something new and find what the destiny is. Never give up and stay keep on fire that’s my point.


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