Image Processing On Web. Is It Possible ?

Some people might think that we can’t process image through web, just because limited resources and also limited library to process it. Even though it is possible to do with traditional way, the programmer must process the image just like complicated image processing in ussual. This is also happened to me, because several weeks ago my lecturer asked me to make web image processing. He said that “You had to implement image function on the web. at least it must be like web design for designing something like cloth, t- shirt, or jacket”. I was so confused at the time, but on the other case, i also become proud of my self. Because if i am capable  to make it, means that  i can make something new for my study journey.

Day by day, i look for the related resources. And in the end, i found GD library on like php it self, GD library is open source as free to use and free to distribute. But, GD library it self only focus on “how to process image by calibrating with PHP “. There are so many functions that we can use ing GD library. For example, water marking, create PNG file/ Create another image files.

Based on my brief learning, i got an idea and understand about it at the last day of the “dead line”. So, i made the web only in one night. Simply, if we already installed Xampp on Windows or Lampp on Linux, means that we already installed GD functions on it. We can check it by using function “phpinfo();”  if GD function is enable means that we were ready to make it.

here is the screen shots of my project

i implement several functions from GD Library :

  • rotate
  • resize
  • load
  • gray scale
  • adding label


That’s all functions that i use in this project. Even though it is not quiet good. i am still proud of it, because that is my own job only in one night, and the result is, i get the best assessment at the time.


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