Unable to Mount NTFS File System (Error Mounting: Mount Exited With Exit Code 13)


A day ago, i got the problem like in the picture above. I don’t know exactly what is the causes. It started when i watched movie using Windows 7 Operating System. after 10 minutes running, then i can not use my Windows Operating System. Firstly i just think that it will be easy to be fixed in Linux Ubuntu. But, when i use Linux, then i mount that partition, it just show the picture above and blink for several minutes. Because it appears notification that the HDD has to be replaced, i become more confuse, cause i don’t back up my files first. especially my projects. i am afraid that the HDD  can not be used anymore.

Then, i decide to search on internet. there are several options appear to fix this kind of problem.

First, using windows recovery image. The result is failed;

Second, using force mounting on linux based on this code : $sudo mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /mnt/external -o force . The result is failed

Third, using nftsfix, it is include on ntfsprog package based on this code : ntfsfix /dev/sda[1]  . The result is failed

The last option, is using window dvd installer. Then i choose command prompt to repair this. i typed : chkdsk c: /f . After waiting for several minutes ,finally it is succesfull :).

Give thanks to Allah , i hope this experience can be usefull for you.


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