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The Success Of Boosting Execution Semester

Give thank’s to god. That’s the first sentence that i’m going to say. I feel so glad the boosting execution semester has been done. Almost all of my target has already achieved. Here is the list of my target in the last semester :

1.Mawapres (Mahasiswa Berprestasi) → result 1st winner
2.Writing Book Competition (East Java Region) → result 2nd winner
3.Practicum assistant (9 Class) → done
4.I.P 4.00 → done
5.NUEDC (National University English Debating Championship) 2012 → failed

My fifth list is the worst one. It occurred because there was a problem in administration for that events in my university, it is not because I am afraid or not confidence to join it, but the regulation did not let me join it. Well, I think it does not matter because even though I did not join it I do believe that debate is in my blood. At least 80 percent of my list has been achieved.
Besides that list, I got something very meaningful for my life in the closing of boosting execution semester. It was KKN (Kuliah Kerja Nyata). KKN is a kind of pengabdian masyarakat that must be done by every single university student in Indonesia. We worked as a team and allocated in a village to do something useful for for society. At the time, as my own instinct I always wanna be the first and the best. In every single program I always included in it. After two weeks passed, I felt there was something wrong with me. I felt alone even though my team consist of 10 ladies and 5 gentleman. So that, I decided to introspect to my self, is there anything wrong with me ?.
Finally, I found it. Event though boosting execution semester run very well, I was failed to keep my social activity. I didn’t care about anyone, I didn’t care about my environment. I just care about my self. So, that’s why I felt alone and that is really felt when I was doing KKN. I got a lot of learning there, I felt grow as adult people after doing that. In this last sentence i’d like to say thank’s a lot for my friend in kelompok 27 also thank’s a lot for Toronan village and all society over there.