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Money, you screw it up!

Last semester was the most interesting time since i studied as university student. Several offers come to me when i was facing that semester. Sometimes it was working for doing something or making something. the first one is i got an offer from unknown person from Nganjuk city. He was asking me about the retail program for a shop. Actually at the time, i didn’t know how much money that i should ask to him. Without asking to anyone, i just directly asking him “What about 5 million sir ?”. Fortunately that guys was just agree towards my request. Then, we made a deal. I was thinking that i was gonna be great experience as university student cause besides i could get a lot of money, i also can get a lot of experience from that job. 2 week to go, he asked me to go to Nganjuk for analyzing the real problem that is exactly happening in there (look like a real detective).

When i was coming in there. i met directly with the owner. i implemented what i’ve learned in university about software requirement. By using interview method, i wrote down the requirement in my small note.  I knew that the owner will alwasy asking “what if word”. that kind of word must be limited the clear requirement and formerly authorized in a contract. After negotiation, we decided that the program will cost 10 million IDR. Wow, that was pretty much money for an ordinary student like me. without any doubt i take the risk for handling the project by my self.

Mean while finishing the project, pressure also came from university task and final assignment. almost every day getting stress out with code and error. OMG, sometimes i forgot for praying. Maybe the title is really so suitable with this post. everything in my life is screwed up by money. Until the top of the pressure. i couldn’t finish the final assignment. even though the project is finished well, not only i disappointed to my self but also all people around me. abi,umi, brother also my friends in ERP team. till we can not graduate in semester 7th. Everything because of money.

In 8th semester i promise to my self to finish everything before April. From here i got a wisdom that

“money is not everything. But everything needs money” and

“as human, if we do anything for money orientation money will leave us. but if everything cause of allah, money will come to use”


Moving on Android


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A few days ago i bought a new mobile phone. this is the first time for me buying an expensive enough stuff by my self, i use my own money. i bought Sony Xperia Sola, Besides having nice appearance, it also has great performance inside.for summary the processor is dual core, with ginger bread android operating system, 8 Mega pixel camera and many more features. even though the latest android recently is ice cream sandwich (4.0), i still can upgrade it, cause it can handle that operating system.For android user, first thing that needs to be done is synchronize the device with any accounts whether from internet, old mobile phone also from computer. So, this is all about integration. We can access all of our settings only in simple touch, thank you android 🙂

Final Assignment [It’s All About Coincidence] PART I

What A Coincidence

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Memang semua yang kejadian yang ada di muka bumi ini  bukan tidak terjadi secara tiba- tiba || kebetulan (Coincidence). But, recently banyak kejadian yang terjadi seolah- olah itu merupakan suatu kebetulan. Skripsi || Tugas akhir mahasiswa adalah hal yang paling krusial dalam kehidupan mahasiswa khususnya teknik informatika. Pada awalnya, sangat sulit untuk menentukan bidang minat apa sih, yang cocok buat ane, sudah pilih bidang minat A, tapi setelah dijalani ternyata tidak sesuai dengan keinginan ataupun kemampuan. Tapi untunglah bagi mahasiswa yang bisa mendapatkan bidang minatnya yang langsung pas dengan kemampuan dan keinginan, sehingga dia bisa ber- explorasi + ber- improvisasi sampai optimal. Yah, tugas akhir ini, saya bisa mendapatkan jati diri saya di jurusan teknik informatika. Selain sebagai engineer, project manager sekaligus bisa jadi researcher. Cocok banget buat orang yang punya ambisius tinggi + menganut aturan idealisme. Awalnya, ingin konsentrasi di bidang minat Computational and Artificial intelligence, but tak banyak dosen yang pure konsentrasi di bidang itu artinya harus di kombinasikan dengan objek- objek yang akhirnya gak jelas endingnya .yah, katakanlah semisal image processing etc. Memang penelitian tersebut terkesan sangat keren + sulit pengerjaannya, tapi akhir- akhirnya juga gak akan jadi barang yang berguna, karna peng-ejawantanya tidak langsung bermanfaat untuk kehidupan manusia. Maka dari itu, mau tidak mau saya harus pindah haluan ke bidang minat lain yang bisa merangkul ketiga elemen itu (Researcher, engineer, and project manager). Coincidence lagi, saya ketemu dengan teman- teman informatika lainnya yang lumayan galau cari- cari judul. pertama si aldrin alias pram dengan motivasi pengen dapet tambahan finansial dari TA yang bermanfaat. Kebetulan juga sebelum meluncur ke dosen yang bersangkutan, ada teman- teman lainnya yang cukup galau juga cari- cari judul TA, ada yang ditolak dosen, gak ketemu dosen, bahkan ada yang putus asa cari jalan keluar. And then, kita ngobrol- ngobrol saling curhat masalah TA, “bisa nggak ya, TA itu dikerjakan kelompok ?”, nah dari celetukan itu muncul ide lagi “wah, sepertinya kita harus kelompokan ini, kita bikin TIM TA, gimana keren kan ?!”. Then, setelah temen2 setuju, sorenya kita langsung ngadep ke dosen yang bersangkutan ,akhirnya kita dapat domain(topik) TA masing- masing. dengan bibit- bobot dan bebetnya yang sesuai dengan kemampuan masing- masing. Nah, dari sini kita mulai perjuangan menjadi TIM ERP Project Management, dengan topik penelitian terbaru di bidang teknik informatika.


Final Execution Semester


Semester 7th, finally i reach it. I used to dream that in top semester will be easier work to do and i just need to pay focus on my field of study. Hmmm, it doesn’t work well, i have to bury that dream in the deepest of my mind. All the job frequently come day by day. Actually i have already limit that kind of work offer. well it’s okay i think that this is the time to find out how to reach the new world before finishing my study. So that, i’ll be ready to face the next challenge.

In 7th semester, i’ve been starting it by looking including the final task for my study, then some subjects also as usually become practicum assistant in laboratory. This semester has been started very well and good preparation. Here is my target list :

  1. PKM
  2. Graduate this semester
  3. Awesome IPK
  4. Getting a lot of money from projects
  5. move on

That list is not too many, but i think it is hard enough to get it.