Final Execution Semester


Semester 7th, finally i reach it. I used to dream that in top semester will be easier work to do and i just need to pay focus on my field of study. Hmmm, it doesn’t work well, i have to bury that dream in the deepest of my mind. All the job frequently come day by day. Actually i have already limit that kind of work offer. well it’s okay i think that this is the time to find out how to reach the new world before finishing my study. So that, i’ll be ready to face the next challenge.

In 7th semester, i’ve been starting it by looking including the final task for my study, then some subjects also as usually become practicum assistant in laboratory. This semester has been started very well and good preparation. Here is my target list :

  1. PKM
  2. Graduate this semester
  3. Awesome IPK
  4. Getting a lot of money from projects
  5. move on

That list is not too many, but i think it is hard enough to get it.


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