Nocturnal behavior as a part of computer science student

Nocturnal Primate : Image taken from

Well, the case is not really about bad or good habit in complexity of university student especially for computer science major. Nocturnal means life in the evening and died in the afternoon. I was thinking that it is not only happen to bat or another nocturnal animal but also it happen to human being as a part of adaptation into a new world or a kind of effort to achieve what is wanted. there are several positive and negative impact from that kind of behavior. Alright, i am gonna explain it follow :
for the positive impact :
1. Capable to do a lot of things that require a focus of mind
2. As a moslem, we can pray in midnight (excellent)
3. Increase power to stay on (not being sleepy)
But, we have negative impact here :
1. Decrease our body defense cause stay up in the night is not really good for the body
2. If we have activity in next day, we’ll feel very tired
3. This behavior is really difficult to be changed

Well ladies and gentleman it’s all depends on you, use your time well do every thing normally and regularly , i think it will make us better than over action


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