August 9th 2013

It’s been long time I didn’t publish anything into this blog. There are several circumstances that I’ve to finish to accomplish my problems ahead. But, by this publish forward I’d like to share with all people around the world through this internet facility about something I’ve learned from the pass. I do believe that there are a lot of wisdom from every single human’s experience that we should take and learn to face and be better in the future.

I know and realize that I am an ambitious man. Last semester in my study I actually don’t have any class. I only need to focus into my final assignment(thesis) as requirement for a bachelor in computer science major. Day by day I do it well, I think that I will graduate faster than my classmate. But, in the middle of the process, one of my project’s client ask me to customize their program and they want me to be someone who can lead them to collect data for program. I know that life is choice, we have to map between risk and priority. If I help my client à I won’t finish my thesis, on the other hand if I keep on my thesis à my client will be disappointed of me and I won’t get easy money. Finally, I pick up the first option. I was wondering that I can finish the project and also my final assignment in an action.

Day by day I work for both of them, project and thesis. But, in the final there must be one of them left and one of them passed. And the left one is my thesis. I can’t finish it cause I don’t have enough time to accomplish. One again, life is a choice, we must consider priority and risk to do the best for our own life.

Because in the last semester I planned to make a book for grails, and it didn’t come true, So that, I’d like to finish it through this blog. Started from groovy and then grails after that I’ll continue to griffon. I hope all of them can be done fluently until my writing goes to be a real book and published.

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