Install and configure Posgresql 9.3 in Linux ( Centos ) within VMWare – part I

In this chance i’d like to share with you guys about installing and configuring Postgresql 9.3 in Linux. In this post i’ll use VMWare to simulate that. The distribution of Linux that i’m going to use is Centos or we can use Red Hat. So, let’s start it.
1. Create a new virtual machine

specify linux distribution that we are going to use

Input the name of machine and location of virtual machine files

Specify disk capacity

Click customize hardware

Change the memory for virtual machine into 2GB minimum

Specify ISO file for the Operating system that will be installed

Once setup is done, click Play virtual machine

Process to instal Centos

Setup input language

Click on software selection to add standard Desktop environment

Check server with GUI and select all packages

when done, click installation destination, just check the disk to instal the OS

Start installation by clicking begin installation

On installation progress click root password to add password for root in installed OS

also create a user for the os

when done, wait installation until finished

after installation, click license information

Check accept terms

Once installation is done, login as root user then open terminal, to check IP Address

use sshclient from windows to connect with the virtual machine then upload Postgresql installer for Linux

upload done, then go to terminal again to access the uploaded file. and change the permission to be executable, and run it.


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