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Definition of a Project

A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result (PMBOK 4).

Well above is the definition of project based on PMBOK 4. Let us explore that statement in detail. temporary endeavor means a kind of work that is done within a duration, there is beginning and end. So, when is the beginning started and the end will end. The beginning will be started after project charter and project plan have been created and accepted by stakeholders. The end of the project is when the project objectives have been achieved, it means that project objectives(deliverable) have been accepted by sponsor and owner, also requirements of project have been fulfilled. But sometimes, project will be terminated if there are several condition i.e project objectives will not or cannot be met. Those things can also happen to every single project because a lot of causes.

from “unique” word we can get information that every single project must have different result or service than another one. So then, how to compare it ? Actually, the comparison between a product/ service with another one is not only in  the product/ service it self but also there are several considerations to consider that one project is different with another. Those considerations are : location(different design), condition (circumstances), contractors(project management vendor) and etc. All those thing will be able to be one of some reasons that a project is unique.


A Bridge to Project Management Plan

From this posting forward, i’d like to share about project management plan. This topics related to my final assignment project in my university. I create software for project management plan. So  that, in order to know what should be done in project management plan, the regulation, how to manage it and etc, i need to learn project management plan manually. After know what is exactly project management plan, i will to create software to manage all of the process related on it. Several main references that i use in this topic are PMBOK Guide 4th edition and also Head First Pmp: A Brain-Friendly Guide to Passing the Project Management Professional Exam.

Actually in simple definition based on my opinion project management plan just like our parents who take care of us since we were a child. they have planned everything for us. start from the birth till we grown up as adult who can take care our self.

there are five huge process inside of it. first initiating, second planning, third execution, forth monitoring + controlling and fifth closing. let me explain one by one. for the first process there is  initiating it is like a contract between a husband and a wife to have a child. in second process we have planning in planning our parent must have a great plan for their children. for example “if i have a son i want my son to be a president but i have a daughter i want her to be a doctor”. that is a simple plan. in third process there is execution, parents will conduct all of their plans to actualize their plan (dream). for fourth process there is monitoring and controlling, parents will always watch on the children since they birth till they grown up in order not to get out of the plan. After everything has been done only closing process left which is reached plan for their children.

That is just intermezzo about project management plan. if you are agree with my opinion you can try it. to reach your plan