This story started from 2 weeks before final examination in my university. There was a seminar about Kerja Praktik or we usually call it KP. In this seminar was explained about what is exactly KP. And also, KP is not something difficult. If in several years ago, the earlier student of my major, they are always making program or something for an institution where they do KP. But, in the seminar, my lecturer explained clearly that in KP we do not have to make something. On the other case, we will be given so many from there. From that seminar, finally all of my friends can understand and realize about the importance of KP. Besides that, KP is a requirements in order to be graduated from my faculty, so, we have to do it well.
In the next week exactly at saturday, my several friends invited me to go to Surabaya to survey some companies and as we know that saturday is a day where the people do not work. So, at the companies place we only meet several people who still working there. Although only a little bit information, that was vey usefull for us. At the day, we already check at Telkomsel, Indosat, XL and etc. And we decided to choose Indosat as our first choice. Also we go to submarine museum.

We started to make proposal in the next day, and fortunately, we are good team so it can be finished quickly. At Friday, we finished all the administration also we go to our KP coordinator ‘ s house in order to get her signature and also some suggestions. At Sunday, my friends came to Indosat Kayoon to deliver proposal without with me because I was so busy at the time. And, we wait the reply if of Indosat.

In the next week, my friend (fikri) got a call from Indosat that we had to go to Indosat Kayoon to do interview. We were so happy to hear that news. Then, we started to prepare everything include the uniform, profile and etc. At Thursday, we went to Indosat Kayoon confidently, i used uniform like a real employee, and i was so proud about that.

Yeah, that was my picture before interview. i think i look handsome enough 🙂

Inside this building , we did interview in third floor at 9 o’clock. we had to answer all question from HR of Indosat , fortunately the question was not about what is our capability, but the question is about our profile. Were we good or not. that was the requirement to get chance in working fields.

Day by day, we wait the announcement mean while doing examination in beloved campus. after the examination finished we went to Surabaya again to meet with the coordinator of KP because we planned for another corporation as the back up. On the way to Surabaya, suddenly there was a call from Indosat that we were accepted to do KP there. but they said not all of us only two people (me and Lauren). I was so glad. but, i really fell pity to the other that was not accepted. eventually, we decided to go to Mitra Adi Perkasa to check the exist of corporation for my 3 other friend.

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